New Age

Ever since golf was first played, there have been swing changes in response to advances in equipment and technology.

Take a close look at the golf swings you have seen on television in the last few years. Clearly, most golf swings has become more connected, compact, flatter, and athletic. I know there are a few exceptions with the free and loose swingers who especially swing out of their shoes with the driver (most of us know the two guys who come to mind); taking their chances for an approach shot with a short iron with little regard to turf conditions.

In any event, is it golf equipment? To a certain degree,yes. The new age golf ball spins less and travels straighter and farther. Golf clubs are made with better materials and design characteristics. With that being said, think for a moment about the world we live in presently. It is ever changing world of technological advancements.

From the perspective of a golf instructor, like myself, it seems like we started learning more about the golf swing and our students with computer/video analysis. Nowadays, not only are there better golf instructors, biomechanists, trainers, and coaches available; but think about technology and science. There are so many resources available to make people better golfers and make me a better instructor. I look at things like; swing and ball flight analysis (trackman and flight scope come to mind), electromyographic analysis, 3D devices, ballistic analysis, force/balance platforms, and excellent teaching aids.

No wonder why open-minded instructors, players, and biomechanists have a better understanding of the correct fundamentals and have developed a more efficient swing model.

Even more experienced professionals are evolving, and of course the rising stars are being introduced to “golf swing evolution” at an early age. Look for a moment outside the United States. This thing is global and I especially see it in South Africa, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.

Obviously, there is more than one way to hit a golf ball but trust me “golf swing evolution” is the simpler path to better golf.

Thank you Jim and Jeff for opening my eyes.

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