Pitch for Success

No other shot can be as instrumental in saving par or perhaps making birdie on that par 5; than the pitch shot.

Beach-Golf  knows the short game is the most important area of the game  and uses these fundamentals as  the building block to successful ball striking with long shots.

Learning to execute the pitch shot correctly, not only insures lower scores, but enhances full swing fundamentals.

The two most noticeable faults are dropping the back shoulder (leaning back) and flinging the wrists; attempting to get under the ball in a lifting or scooping action. In other words, trying to help the ball up in the air.  To avoid making these mistakes, try focusing on arcing the club as you swing through. This will help the body pivot around the front leg and get the upper body to cover the ball more,  making it easier to hit down and through compressing  the golf ball correctly.

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