Simpler is Better

I think we would all agree that having a simpler golf is better. I truly believe the one-plane golf swing can be simple. However, the one-plane swing requires a well conditioned player to have the necessary physical attributes: mainly flexibility and strength in the chest, back and shoulders. The one-plane swing is more body driven and involves winding and coiling of the upper body with a stable lower body. This makes a very powerful and efficient swing because the upper body recoils more naturally from the torque of the backswing. Another positive element is the arms are more connected to the body, thus minimizing mistakes with timing. In contrast to the two-plane swing that relies on perfect timing, tempo and rhythm because of the separation of arms and more lateral body movement. Coordinating the correct arm movement with the proper body rotation and getting the golf club on plane is indeed more challenging for the two-planer. Even the smallest mistakes in the execution of the two-plane swing can grossly affect the swing plane and ball flight. Undoubtedly there have been many great players with the one-plane and two-plane swing, but the modern era displays more one-plane swings and hybrid swing models.

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