As most of you golfers would agree on, learning the golf swing and maintaining the golf swing are difficult and a never ending process. In view of the complex nature of the golf swing, golf instructors, video, launch monitors and teaching other teaching devices are invaluable..

For nearly half  of my teaching career, I have relied on the Impact Track. The original Impact Track was invented by Paul Strande in 2000 and the originals pretty much disappeared in the country by 2005. After my original model wore out, I looked into getting some replicates made to continue teaching with the device. I knew that I wanted to reintroduce the Impact Track but only if the quality met up to my standards.

My vision became reality with  the help of Gary Schlatter and Piedmont Plastics. In early 2018 the new product design was finished and the polyethylene compound is superb, with proven durability.

Impact Track offers an easy approach to learning and retaining a good golf swing. A  better and approach is to provide the golfer with a direct visual indication of a good golf swing during their practice and lesson sessions. The visual aspects of Impact Track (target line, alignment, arm direction, club head path, and body path) simply work!

Impact Track is available through or


    • Hi Diana. Thanks for your interest in Impact Track. Currently I am out but the manufacture assures me I will get some in the near future. Plastics manufacturers and golf professionals have been incredibly busy during Covid. I will contact you as soon as my inventory is replenished. I have been selling them for $110 plus shipping. Are you a golf instructor or player?

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