About Steve

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Steve Beach has been instructing golf at Glenmoor Country Club in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado for over 25 years and is currently a PGA Director of Instruction. He has been a member of the PGA of America since 1990 and received professional certification status in instruction and general management from the PGA in 2008. He was awarded lifetime Master Instructor status from US Kids Golf.

Steve and his wife, Leslie, continue to reside in Littleton and have 2 children. He graduated Denver University in 1977.

Steve’s teaching philosophy and approach keeps golf instruction simple and fun in a caring and positive working environment solidifying the student/instructor relationship. He views the short game and putting as being the most important area of the game and uses many these fundamentals as a building block for the game of golf.

Steve describes his proven techniques and track record as an amalgamation of golf swing theories learned through mentors Winston Howe, Marshall Smith, Mike Souchak, Jim Hardy, and Jeff Ritter.

When addressing the long game, Steve understands that contemporary golf equipment, golf balls and fitness create the need for what he calls “golf swing evolution.” The golf swing has transformed into a flatter,  more athletic and body driven swing focusing on connection. What does this all mean? A simpler golf swing with less moving parts and timing that is easier to understand. Steve is committed to building a solid repeatable golf swing that creates good consistent ball flight based on the student’s physicality and skill level.

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