Swing Help

Take Away

I have always believed the takeaway as the make or break area in the golf swing. I like to use the analogy of an instruction manual that comes with a product that you are about to assemble. Obviously, a person needs to follow step 1 in the instruction manual  in putting something together correctly and easily. Therefore, the golfer should understand the importance of takeaway since it is the first step in the golf swing and learn to master  it. When we neglect the first step (even with the golf swing),  we become discombobulated with the proper sequence of events that follow. In the case of an incorrect takeaway, the golfer will be forced to make unnecessary adjustments and compensations during the rest of his/her golf swing causing inconsistent shot making.  Whereas, a golfer with a good takeaway will have the best chance of acheiving good positions throughout the golf swing. Thus, creating the proper sequence needed for excellent ball striking.

Hope to see you on the lesson tee, to learn more about the takeaway and to learn how to engrain it through proven drills and exercises.

Ground Control

Like most moves in sports, one of the critical elements in golf is ground connection.

Your better golfers and athletes know how to use the ground for power and speed. Stop and think for a moment how far the smaller guys and ladies on tour hit the golf ball. On the other hand, a weak hitter of the ball seem to lift off the ground.

A golfer needs to understand how to establish connection to the ground by compressing into it with your legs both on the backswing and downswing. This just a matter of basic physics as described by Newton’s third law of motion. By applying force into the ground, the ground exerts an equal and opposite force back within the body; thus creating a more dynamic golf swing.

Available resources include: force platforms and electromyograghy (EMG) devices.

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