Lag for Solid Shots

The lag I am referring to is the right wrist bending back upon itself at impact. If you are seeking crisp chip shots or full shots you have to have lag.

Golfers of course loose lag because the golf ball tells them to fling their wrists in an attempt to scoop and lift golf ball. However, we must also understand that most right-handed golfers are right-handed people and they have been using their right hand for most daily activities like eating and writing. Therefore, their right hand and wrist is the dominant hand and simply over powers the left hand.

As an golf instructor, I like to train my students to focus on impact position with the hands leading the clubhead and maintaining lag in the right wrist.

I often have my students use a chipping stick, rehearse impact position, and hit small wedge shots only using the right hand. One of my dearest friends and mentors, Marshall Smith, motivated me to hit thousands of right-handed wedge shots. And of course, I learned quickly that you can’t make contact with a golf ball flinging the right hand and wrist.

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