Teaching Aids

The Impac Trac Teaching Aid Is Back

First of all, I want to thank Gary Schlatter, CEO of OraLabs Inc., and his awesome crew in R&D for bringing back Mr. Paul Strande”s Impac Trac back to the world.

My remaining and original Impac Trac, as Gary knows, was on it’s last leg for the last year. Many of you know that this terrific teaching tool has not been available for many years (even internet surfing) because of Mr. Strande’s passing. May God bless his soul. Amen.

Gary and OraLabs Inc. have not only reintroduced the product but have revolutionized the quality of the Impac Trac. This teaching tool is awesome and the durability of the material will really impress you.

I love this teaching aid and has helped me improve so many golfers. I use it for more technical one plane and two plane instruction; and is invaluable for young junior golf instruction.

I also want to thank Gary and Dane Wiren, not only in helping me bring back Impac Trac , but consistently running a subperb company distributing the finest teaching aids and facilitating product innovation.

Thanks again Gary Schlatter and team for making my wish come true.

Kind regards,
Steve Beach

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